Titles, Timelines and Maps

The second proof showed up in my inbox about a week and a half ago.  Like the last one, I printed it out, grabbed a red pen and sat down and started reading.  When I was through there were not nearly as much red chicken scratch on the paper as there had been on the first round.  I guess that was to be expected.

Doing that type of work definitely made me appreciate all the work that Jason does.  I clearly recognized that a lot of the things that were getting the red ink”s attention were items that I could have taken care of before I ever sent him the files.  Yeah, there were some formatting issues and interpretation issues that needed to be addressed but for the most part, the pen was scratching out mistakes that I had made months, if not years ago.  Of course that made me feel bad.  Asking him to change something that I could have done right the first time, well it is kind of a downer for me.

Jason and I had a conversation over the phone a week or so ago.   The conversation centered around maps, length, photos, and titles.  The last of course being a big concern for me.  Jason was not to excited about Sand Castles and Choss Piles.  I of course was not to psyched on Rock Climbing Capitol Reef National Park and the rest of Wayne County UT.  I wanted to see a title that conveys オンライン カジノ the landscape and climbing, portraying it in a way that honors the landscape and my personality.  He of course wants one that is going to attract climbers and won”t dissuade them from the purchase.  So I continue to think and ponder on the subject.

The process of editing, crafting a title and discussing printing timelines keeps me excited.   Although, much to Jason”s (likely) dismay, my job takes me away from the process, I continually look forward to getting an email or message from him when I get out of the field.  While I wish that I could be more involved in the creation process, be a little bit closer to Boulder and know a little bit more about how everything works, I know that it is in good hands so go off to work eagerly awaiting the next installment and the next step.

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