The container mall in downtown Christchurch is an innovative and beautiful way to spruce up a city under construction.  From lingerie to imported foods to wood fired pizza and local New Zealand made items, it has a little bit of everything.   There was even a bookstore.  I didn”t really expect to find a copy of Capitol Gorgeous: A climber”s guide to Capitol Reef and vicinity in the store, but I stopped in and had a look anyway.  I looked because just the other day I saw a posting on facebook that it was available for pre-order and then I saw on Fixed Pin”s website that they were available for sale.  So even thought I am halfway around the world casino online in another hemisphere, I am jazzed that the book has finally been published and is available for sale.  I look forward to getting back to Wyoming and finding some waiting for me. Be sure to pick up your copy today.  Click HERE to go to Fixed Pin”s site to order.  And it is at a price that any dirt bag could afford.  Pick one up for the guidebook aficionado or desert rat on your list this year.

Now that the process is done, I will undoubtedly reflect upon the process of writing a book, working with a publisher, and the impact that such a small volume could have on the local environment.  The situation is obviously a catch-22 and I imagine I will put more thought into that as time goes by.  For now though, I can enjoy the feeling of a job well done.  Seeing a project from infancy through to fruition is a wonderful thing, even if I am not in the right place to enjoy the fruits of my labor, to flip through the pages and show my friends.  I was however, able to pick up some nice gifts at the container mall.  Tomorrow instead of shopping, I am off to sample a few of the boulders that dot the country side at Castle Hill…

Thanks Jason and Fixed Pin and to all those who helped make the book a reality.








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